VR Vacation
VR Vacation is a game being developed for the HTC Vive.
Players will be able to explore fantastical worlds from their own home.
VR Vacation is great for young people who want to explore new places.
VR Vacation is great for elderly and disabled people who can't travel as well any more to be able to relax in a distant virtual destination.
VR Vacation is great for people who have stressful lives to be able to escape the rat race and chill for a while in VR.

What is there to do in VR Vacation?

Visit the pirate island!
Do you like beaches?
Explore the space station.
Where will you go?
Play in the castle.
Have you launched a catapult?

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We have been making family friendly games since 2003. We started work on VR Vacation in 2015. We had to take a break on development due to circumstaces beyond our control, but now we want to see this game reach completion. Join forces with us today to take your very own VR Vacation in the HTC Vive.